New York's Finest Private Investigators

New York's Finest Private Investigative Services, LLC® (NYFPIS) is owned and operated by Tom Lugo, Retired NYPD Detective. Mr. Lugo has 26 years of experience with the U.S. Army Military Police Corps, and served as a Lieutenant Colonel in the U.S. Army.

NYFPIS is licensed by the New York Department of State since July 2004.


LT. Colonel Lugo's Experience in the United States Army during 9/11

Upon mobilization, Tom Lugo was essential to the Command's response to the September 01 Pentagon Terrorist attack and subsequent worldwide criminal investigations. LTC. Lugo was instrumental in the planning and execution of CID's investigation in the September 11 attack on the Pentagon and the creation of a Joint Criminal Investigation Task Force to investigate Taliban and Al Qaeda terrorist. He attended daily briefings with the Chief of Staff of the Army, and the Secretary of the Army in the Army Operation Center at the Pentagon. He was responsible for working with other headquarters to acquire terrorist information and prepare and present informational briefings to the CID staff, subordinate Commands, and the Commanding General.