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Personal Injury

Personal injury cases are related to those who suffer some sort of harm or injury and another party is liable for the injury. There has been increasing number of personal injury claims along with an increase in insurance fraud. There will be times when someone claims to get an injury through slipping and falling, because of a defective product, negligence to property, and many other reasons. Because of increasing fraud, some insurance companies or possible-liable party could hire a private investigator to follow the accuser around to see if they really are affected by the injury like they claim.

Witness statements and surveillance are two important methods to of investigataion used in personal injury cases. Although, there is always grey area in whether or not one person is hundred-percent liable for an injury, witness can tell if the accused party should be guilty at all. Surviallance, including audio, videos, and pictures, and show if the accuser party is lying about their claim.